Why Add Classifieds OS to Your Online Community?

Why Add Classifieds OS to Your Online Community?

Every website today is looking for an advantage over their competition. Classifieds OS empowers your online community with effective tools to attract and retain more visitors to your web site.

With Classifieds OS, you can build and brand your own Classifieds site customized to the unique needs of your market, whether it's for consumers or other businesses.


The many benefits include the following:


For your e-Business

  • Fosters greater interaction and community among your subscriber base
  • Promotes repeat visitors and retention of visitors by developing greater stickiness and loyalty to your web site
  • Creates new potential revenue streams by managing an electronic marketplace between buyers and sellers
  • Facilitates community-developed content in a timely and automated way
  • Adds a sense of fun and excitement!



For your website's visitors

  • Provides a forum for connecting with others with common interests
  • Builds a trusted space for communications, exchanges, and transactions
  • Serves a utilitarian function for finding homes, merchandise, services, employment, and other people